.. why equality is better for everyone, by epidemiologists Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett.

This is a book which needs to be read. But even if you don’t. Once you know of its existence, you’ll encounter references in other books that point you in the right direction. The book itself is a much heralded summary of all research done to date, that related income inequality to social phenomena. To be honest, it would be better to state: social problems, for that’s what it comes down to. The book is full of graphs, which ‘prove’ as far as solid science can prove things, that there’s a strong correlation between higher income inequality in society and all sorts of problems. To name a few: criminality, obesity, depression, suicide, imprisonment, addiction and teenage pregnancy.

Their core call to action: ‘policy makers: stop focusing solely on growth as a solution for all ailments, instead, rather focus on equality’. Now here’s a message most politicians and policy makers don’t want to hear. Which is why I like this book. It proves what makes intuitive sense and still, nobody is listening. Sorry: I should say not many people are listening:  quite a few Scandinavian countries have proven to be smarter than most of us.

If I may suggest: also read this recent interview with the authors of the Spirit Level about what happened in the five years after publication.