The Social Labs Revolution, a new approach to solving our most complex problems, by Zaid Hassan 

This was one of those books that sat on my digital shelve for at least 2 years until I realized I really did need to read it. I was hoping the book would help me see how to proceed with a subject that is so complex I couldn’t possibly see how we’d make progress with traditional project planning methods: the micro- and nano plastics problem in the world’s aquatic environments.

The book reaffirmed my intuition that such a problem can benefit from what Zaid calls a Social Lab. And through the description of Labs that Zaid ran himself, I became more realistic about the amount of time and effort that would be needed to get such a lab up and running, and about the time needed to keep it running.

Please read the blog I wrote after reading this book, to know more about the content of this book and why I found it so relevant.